Insurance, health, and financial solutions customized to your needs so you can focus on what matters most.

Services We Provide

Insurance Solutions

Life insurance is an invaluable tool providing financial security and support to your loved ones in the event of your passing. Find the solution that protects your loved ones…

Financial Consulting

Whether your financial planning requires debt relief, funding for college, or general growth and protection, we adapt our strategies to you…

Retirement Planning

Retirement is an exciting time in your life. We will build you a tax efficient solution allowing your funds to grow tax-free, keeping your hard earned money where it belongs, with you…

Medicare Advantage

An alternative to Original Medicare, these plans are typically HMO and PPO plans with network providers...

Medigap Plans

This is a popular option to supplement your Original Medicare Part A and Part B. To learn more simply click below...

Prescription Drug Plans

Prescription Drug plans are a requirement by CMS in order to help with the cost of prescriptions...

Dental / Vision / Hearing

Many plans have little or no coverage when it comes to dental work, eye exams or hearing aids. We can help find a plan that is right for you...

Hospital Indemnity Plans

When you have a plan that is full of co-pays and co-insurance, a Hospital Indemnity plan can help alleviate many of those costs...

Cancer and Heart Plans

No one ever plans to get Cancer but unless you have a crystal ball to predict your future,it is always better to have Cancer insurance than not.

Ancillary Products

Accident, Cancer, Heart Attack / Stroke, Hospital, Dental Insurance, and Critical Illness plans to give you a deeper peace of mind.

Final Expenses

Nobody likes to plan for this but it is an act of love. This is a benefit that you give to the people you love once you are gone. Learn more below...


Carrier Relationships


Guaranteed Results

Why Clients Choose Us

Clients turn to us because we listen carefully to their needs and provide them with custom insurance, health, and financial solutions.

Shielded from life’s surprises, our clients have the freedom to enjoy life with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have the tools in place for themselves and their families.

“I like to sincerely thank Eric for his assistance on helping me choose a health insurance provider. Eric made me feel comfortable immediately, he ask the right questions and was concerned about my needs and affordability. He was very patient and went over some things a couple of times to make sure I understood.

It’s good to know there are people that love to help people, and I believe Eric is one of those people.

Thanks again Eric “

Renee C.

“I had very little idea on where to begin navigating the healthcare marketplace, basically just knew I had to go through Pennie. That was the case until my dad introduced me to Eric. After that it was smooth sailing as Eric handled the heavy lifting while I just needed to provide some info. Mine wasn’t as simple as just picking a plan, either, so I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him! Thank you!”

Andrew G.

“Eric is someone that does his job for the right reasons, and that is hard to find within his industry these days. It is refreshing, reassuring, and comforting knowing that my family is in good hands. Eric’s ability to explain concepts so they are easily understood makes the financial process less intimidating. Eric is someone I highly recommend to anyone that is trying to work on their financial future!”

Justin M.

“As my husband and I sat down to look at our finances for 2024 we had the same conversation we always have. It is typically focused around the question, “how do we pay off our debt?” We have answered and solved this question multiple times. Which means we have also put ourselves into debt over and over again. This is because we couldn’t see beyond paying off debt to saving money and budgeting wisely. With Eric’s help this new year our conversation took a different spin. Not only do we have a solution to pay off our debt but also have a solution to stay out of debt and save for the future. Through Eric’s willingness to come to us, listen, be the voice of reason, and accountability we have hope for our future finances. Thank you Eric!!”

Hannah and Todd L.

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